Wednesday August 21    

6:00-8:00 PM Early Registration

Vendor Set Up at 12:00 in Messer Hall

8:00 PM Staff Meeting                                                                                                         Upper Room

Thursday, August 22

8:00 AM        Registration Opens

7:30              Breakfast on your own

8:15-8:45      Music with David Sneed & Morning Devotions – Rodger Spencer               Sanctuary

9:00-4:00      Thursday Intensives: Additional Fee

Track #1 Face Painting for Fun & Profit: Hope Holmes and Kandi Saylor-Lundeen   Preschool Room

The face painting world is vast and endless. This class will move in the direction YOU want to take it. If more focus is needed on basic strokes and tools of the trade OR if you are past that and willing to take on a challenge, this class will meet you at your level. You can ALWAYS learn something new, but best of all you can take home friendships, networking, and knowledge that you need to continue growing in this business long after the convention is over.

Track #2 Balloon Build with Hope Holmes CBA (Free event) 12:00-5:00                     Sanctuary

Come, “Planting” with me as we “grow” a beautiful garden made entirely of balloons and cultivate the techniques you need for a successful Balloon Decor business. Beginner to Intermediate.

Track #3 Twisters University with Jeff Estes                                                                  Upper Room

Learn from this talented and creative twister. Whatever skill level you are currently at, he will advance you with his entertaining ways. Entertaining during line work and games with balloons will be addressed as well as advanced balloon sculpting. Bring some balloons and a pump. Some pumps and balloons will be provided at the class. Be ready to laugh and learn!

 12:00-1:00      Lunch available at the gym $12

4:00-7:00        Tator Town Vendors Midway Open – Dinner on Your Own

7:00-8:30        Music with David Sneed and Program: My Favorite Gospel Skit Performance (open to all)

                       Even if you are not performing, please come and cheer them on!

8:30 to ?         JAM for face painting & balloons  (bring a snack to share)                            Upper Room

Friday, August 23

7:30               Breakfast on your own

8:00 AM         Registration Opens

8:15-8:45       Music with David Sneed & Morning Devotions – Ann Gramlich                   Sanctuary

9:00-6:00       Tator Town Vendors Midway Open

9:00-4:00       Friday Intensives: Additional Fee

Track #1 Children’s Ministry Extravaganza (includes performance) with Pastors Ann & Gary Gramlich  –  Upper Room

“I work with kids but I’m tired of doing the same old stories and activities!!!” Out of the box ideas and hands on participation activities to re-energize your ministries!!! Be ready to learn and participate in a special black light number!!! (Bring dark jeans and long dark sleeve shirt)

Track #2 Puppet Making & Performance Prince Puppets  –  Gym

Puppet Making/Sanctuary Performance
Bread & Butter: Basic puppetry techniques utilizing wide-mouth puppets. Beginning basics and brush-ups for seasoned puppeteers.  “Learning to dance” (without using your feet).  Basic choreography and variety in movement that will make your puppets come alive and jive!

Meat & Potatoes: Easy Puppet Skits: How to put together a delightful program even when you have limited time, limited budget and a limited number of hands!  Puppeteers will weave together a full-scale performance while learning staging, choreography and special effects.

Fruit & Veggies: Produce a vitamin packed program with humorous live action, the right music and how to theme your program. Ideas on creating props and scenery to brighten up your performance and get your message come alive.

Dessert: Create an adorable puppet friend of your very own.  Make-n’take kits provided.

Track #3 Theater Improvisation and Performance with Colleen and Hope  –  Preschool Room

Needing to vamp up your stage presence? Needing some laughter and fun learning theatrics? This is the class for you! This is a great class for clowns, teachers, and presenters of all kinds!

12:00-1:00     Lunch available at the gym $12

4:30-5:00       Show Me Arts & Ministry Convention Begins                                                Sanctuary

                      Music with David Sneed and Announcements

5:00-6:30       Dinner on Your Own with a New Friend

7:00               Evening Show: Ima P. Ugly & Puppet Class Performance, Improv and Black Light Performance.

8:30-?            JAM for face painting & balloons at (bring a snack to share)                     Sanctuary

Saturday, August 24

7:30               Breakfast on your own

8:00 AM         Registration Opens

8:15-8:45       Music with David Sneed & Morning Devotions with Gary Gramlich                     Sanctuary

9:00-6:15       Tator Town Vendors Midway Open & Jr. Joeys Meet  9:00-3:00 in the Gym Upstairs

9:00-10:15 Seminars

  1. Performing for Young Children with Dave Risley                                            Preschool Room
  2.  Puppet Potpourri with Prince Puppets                                                            Sanctuary
  3. Gospel Illusions with Colleen Fouts                                                               Upper Room

10:30-12:00   Seminars

  1. Storytelling with Dave Risley                                                                          Preschool Room
  2.  Skits, Bits & Gags Working for any Audiences Bob & Teresa Gretton          Sanctuary
  3. Gospel Skits with Colleen  Fouts                                                                   Upper Room

12:00-1:00    Lunch available at the gym $12

 1:00-1:15 Group Photo                                                                                                          Sanctuary

1:30-2:30      Seminars

  1. Creating Multiple Characters with Hope Holmes                           Preschool Room
  2. Storytelling with Object Lessons with Gramlich’s   Sanctuary
  3. Fun Games with Steve Kissell  Upper Room

3:00-4:00      Seminars

  1. Stage Presence with Hope Holmes       Preschool Room
  2.   Magic From My Pockets with David Sneed                                                Sanctuary
  3. Beginning Balloon Sculpture with Jeff Estes                                            Upper Room 

4:15-5:15     Seminars

  1.  Making Paper Napkin Roses with Bob Gretton                                         Sanctuary
  2. Face Painting with Kandi Saylor-Lundeen                                               Preschool Room
  3. Advanced Balloon Sculpture with Jeff Estes                                             Upper Room


5:30-6:15 Last Chance to Shop – Tator Town Vendor Midway


6:30-9:00      Banquet in the Gym

Music with David Sneed in the Sanctuary with the Jr. Joeys. Starring the Grettons, Gramlichs, & Colleen.

MC Boppy & Friends.                                                       


There is no video or audio recording without permission from the presenter.

 See you next year August 21-23, 2025


Junior Joeys Schedule: Gym upstairs

9:00-10:15 Bob & Teresa Gretton

10:30-12:00 Games, Movement, Juggling & Plate Spinning

1:30-3:00 Bob & Teresa Gretton