Register by Mail:

Print out the Registration Form and mail it along with a check payable to :
Show Me Clowns for Jesus
5531 Botanical Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Register by Phone:

Call Steve today at: 757-615-8355


Register in Person:

Print out the Registration Form below and
Casually make your Cameo at the registration desk.


Register with a credit card:

Print out the Registration Form below and mail it or fax it in and then use the Paypal link to make your secure payment.

Download the Registration Page below:


Click on the Jr Joey Medical Release Page below:


Please remember to make your Hotel accommodations!

$120 Registration

$75 Junior Joey & High School Registration after January 21st

$30 Thursday Intensive – Balloon Décor

$30 Thursday Intensive – Performance

$30 Thursday Intensive – Children’s Ministry Workers Extravaganza!

$30 Friday Intensive – Pediatric & Nursing Home Clowning with Field Trip

$30 Friday Intensive – Puppet Making & Performance – Gramlich’s (supplies paid at door)

$30 Friday Intensive – Super Balloon Workshop

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$30 Friday Intensive – Character Development & Costuming

$50 Thursday & Friday Intensives (Save $10 register for both days)

$30 Additional Banquet

$10 Show Me 8×10 Group Photo

$20 Show Me T-Shirt

”Size :

$1 Show Me Scholarship Fund Donation – You choose quantity


Our Guarantee: proudly Guarantees that you will:

Learn the steps to making a lasting impression on your audience.
Add new techniques to strengthen your performance skills.
Enjoy direct access to some of the nation’s premiere children’s entertainers.
Network with a social community of like-minded individuals dedicated to all varieties of children’s entertainment.

Refund Policy:

If we receive your written cancellation prior to one month (30 days) before the convention, 50% of your registration will be refunded. After that time no refunds are given.

Tax Deduction

All expenses associated with continuing education taken to improve professional skills are tax deductible subject to the limitations set forth by the IRS. Please contact your accountant for details.

Code of Conduct for Participants and Attendees:

All events produced by are family events, often with young and impressionable children present. Those attending anticipate a clean and family-orientated atmosphere. Vulgarity, obscenities, innuendos, and clothing displaying insulting or risqué wording and images will not be tolerated. We have folks from various political parties and ethnic backgrounds present. We expect all present to conduct themselves in a respectful manner.


Show Me Scholarships

Scholarships are available for fist time attendees who other wise would be unable to attend the convention due to finances. Clown alleys or sponsors may nominate an individual by sending a letter stating why the individual is deserving of partial scholarship assistance.