February 21-24, 2019
“Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord”
Psalm 3:12

Special Classes for Pastors and Children Ministries Workers!

Thursday, February 21st

8:00 AM        Registration opens @ Skyline Baptist Church – 949 MO-165, Branson, MO

8:15-8:45       Morning Devotions with Colleen & David Sneed

9:00-4:00       Thursday Intensives: Additional Fee


Track #1 Clown Theatrics & Performance Critique with Hope & Colleen

This class will have you entering, exiting, and everything in between to open the world of clowning to a whole new level of possibilities. Come expecting to be challenged. This class WILL result in a group participated skit and will perform one evening of the conference.

Track #2 Super Balloon Workshop: Vivian McArthur CBA, Steve Kissell & DJ Ehlert

The Universe of Balloons and the possibilities are infinite!!! Come expecting to add to your balloon repertoire and have a blast learning from some of the best entertainers in the industry. Vivian has been twisting balloons for a mere 22 years, while DJ and Steve have been full time entertainers since the dinosaurs roamed the earth! LOL just kidding!

This class will be a hands-on class bring your balloons and your pumps. Some sample balloons provided. 

Track #3 Balloon Décor Day #1 with Chris Burton CBA and Mary Heroux CBA

The Essentials – This in-depth intensive class will go above and beyond all other workshops that you’ve attended; not just from a design perspective but with what you need as Basic Essentials.

Learning Framework – Framework can be tricky, but necessary knowledge in the Décor world.

Tools of the Trade – As in every trade, Décor has certain tools necessary for day to day tasks.

Pricing the Event – Pricing is perhaps one of the most overwhelming tasks of the Décor world. Not very many Décor designers like the pricing portion of the business, but it’s got to be done!

12:00-1:00      Lunch on Your Own with a Friend

4:00-7:00        Tator Town Vendors Open

8:00-9:30        Open Mic: Perform Your Favorite Gospel Skit (sign up sheets available at registration desk)

Friday, February 22nd

8:00 AM        Registration opens @ Skyline Baptist Church – 949 MO-165, Branson, MO

8:15-8:45       Morning Devotions with Gary Gramlich & David Sneed

9:00-6:00       Tator Town Vendors Open

9:00-4:00       Friday Intensives: Additional Fee

Track #1. Puppet building and performance with Gary & Ann Gramlich

Learn how to make both sacred and secular puppet presentations delightfully “edutaining”. Morning session will focus on puppetry skills and weaving together a fun performance to be presented Friday evening. Afternoon session will be a creative adventure in puppet and prop building – lots of different kits to choose from.

Track #2. Hospital & Nursing Home Clowning with Field Trip  

Dana & Jane Abendschein

This workshop will help you to develop a caring clown ministry in a hospital and/or nursing home. We will begin with discussing why laughter is good medicine. Then we’ll talk about what to do and how to do it safely for yourself and the patient. You will also learn some fun bits and shtick, how to use props effectively, and how to get a caring clown program started. This workshop will take a brief trip to a nearby nursing home to put some of what we’ve learned into practice. 


Track #3.  Balloon Décor with Chris CBA and Mary Heroux CBA

Taking the knowledge learned and the essentials and applying them to a real-life situation. – Day #1 taught you everything you need to begin your career as a Balloon Décor Specialist. Day #2 will take you into the real world with amazing hands-on balloon décor builds.

12:00-1:00     Lunch on Your Own with a Friend

4:30-5:30       Show Me Clowns Convention Seminars Begin

  1. Duane Laflin – Message Magic for “Kids of all Ages”
  2. Barb Field – Professor Womboggle’s World of Science

5:45-6:00      Mandatory Staff Meeting

7:00-8:00       Music: David Sneed, Evening Show & Puppet Class Performance             starring the Ann & Gary Gramlich with MC Steve Kissell

8:15-8:45       Show Me Scholarship Auction

8:45-9:00       Fellowship for First Timers with Len Fort

9:00-10:00     JAM for face painting & balloons at hotel (bring a snack to share)

Saturday, February 23rd

8:00 AM         Registration opens @ Skyline Baptist Church – 949 MO-165, Branson, MO

8:15-8:45       Morning Devotions with Hope Holmes & David Sneed

9:00-5:30       Tator Town Vendors Open

Jr. Joeys – Kandi & Dwight (See Jr. Joey Schedule)

9:00-10:00     Seminars

General Session – Everyone attend

  1. Steve Kissell – Safety for Entertainers

10:15-11:45   Seminars (1 ½ hrs)

  1. Colleen & Chris – Clown & Non-Clown (Make Up & Costume Clinic)
  2. Gramlichs – There’s More to Clown Shows Than Skits
  3.         Vivian McArthur – Balloon Masks “Go Big or Go Home”

12:00-1:00    $5 Lunch provided by Skyline Baptist Church (optional)

1:30-2:00      Group Photo (You do not have to be in costume)

2:00              Depart for Field Trip to the Mall (limited to 20: sign up with registration)

2:00-3:00      Seminars

  1. Duane Laflin – Magic That Wins, Wows, and Witnesses
  2. Barb Field – The Mimes Have It
  3. Hope Holmes – The Wonderful World of Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos

3:15-4:45     Seminars (1 ½ hrs)

  1. Gramlichs – Million Dollar Ministry on a $100 Budget
  2. Colleen Fouts – Stix to Your Ministry (Dowel Rods in Ministry)
  3. Dana & Jane – Physical Comedy & Juggling

5:00-6:00      Seminars

  1. David Sneed – What’s in a Clowns Pocket (Back by popular demand)
  2. DJ Ehlert – Websites 101
  3. Bob Gardner – Clowning with a Clown

6:30-9:00      Music: David Sneed

Banquet/Performance with the Jr. Joeys.

The Amazing Laflins with MC Liberty and Belle

9:30-10:30    JAM at hotel (bring a snack to share) & Last Chance to Shop

Sunday, February 24th

8:30-9:00      Morning Devotions with David Sneed

9:15-10:45    Seminars

  1. Hope Holmes – Social Media 101
  2. Len Fort – Gospel Illusions Using Everyday Trash  
  3. Barb Field – Gospel Walk A-Round Bits

11:00-11:30 Closing Worship with Staff, Commissioning & Band

There is no video or audio recording without permission from the presenter.

Please Note: Events can sometimes change at the last minute and that causes the schedule to be altered. We’re clowns, for heaven’s sake! In the event that something does change we will make every effort to inform you. Thanks!


See you next year February 2020


Seeing 20-20

Proverbs 29:18 “When there is no vision the people will perish but he who keeps the law will be blessed”




Saturday, February 23rd

Junior Joey Program

Dwight & Kandi

9:00 – 12:00            -Costume Parade

-Facial Expressions to Create Fun & Laughter

-Intro to Juggling

-Magical Fun – Pocket Magic to Stage Illusions

-Physical Comedy Actions to Create Laughter

12:00 – 1:00            Lunch with your adult sponsors

1:30 – 5:30             -Bible Story-Telling in Clown


-Stage Presence

-Skits & Rehearsal for the Banquet Show

2:00-2:30             -Break for Group Photo (students may already be in makeup or apply during afternoon class)

5:30                       Dismiss for the day / meet up with adult sponsors

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