8:00 AM        Registration Opens in the Convention Center

7:30-8:30       Breakfast

8:15-8:45       Morning Devotions with Ann Gramlich & David Sneed

9:00-4:00       Thursday Intensives: Additional Fee

 Track #1 Face Painting from Start to Finish and Introductory to Airbrush Tattoos with Kandi Saylor-Lundeen

The face painting world is vast and endless. This class will move in the direction YOU want to take it. If more focus is needed on basic strokes and tools of the trade OR if you are past that and willing to take on a challenge, this class will meet you at your level. You can ALWAYS learn something new, but best of all you can take home friendships, networking, and knowledge that you need to continue growing in this business long after the convention is over.

The Art of Airbrushing, an introduction to the fun and fast pace world…

Join us for an introduction to the art of airbrushing. In this course we will introduce you to the different types of equipment available. We look at the difference between face and body art / tattoos and the products available. You will have an opportunity to get a feel for the equipment, through a hands-on approach, and learn your basic Do’s and Don’ts to this fun and fast paced business. No equipment or product needed for this introductory course.


Track #2 Super Balloon Workshop: Kornpop CBA, Vivian McArthur CBA and Samuel Bearden

Balloon Twisting Bonanza!!!

Learn how to be more than a “Line Twisting Robot”! Learn how to stand out in a crowd and make more money while you’re doing it. In this class, we’ll learn not only how to make bigger, better sculptures that will get you noticed, but also, how to put them on a headband or a candy cup so you can charge more…….Fun, Upbeat, Exciting ways to make memories (and Money) happen!!!

Come learn how to entertain while creating new and fun creations! Experience how to build balloons for birthday party add-ons and some sculptures for parades too! Bring a bag of balloons and your pump! We will also have some free samples there and there will be balloons available at Tater Town too!

Track #3 Colleen Fouts & Hope Holmes CBA

“The A.C.T.S. of the Gospel Clown”.  In this class you we will tie in the Spiritual, physical, emotional aspects of clowning for Christ. Be ready to laugh and stretch yourself out of your comfort zone! LOL. This class will perform on stage during the convention.


Track #4 Children’s Ministry Extravaganza with Pastors Gramlich’s/Jodi Miller

“I work with kids but I’m tired of doing the same old stories and activities!!!” Out of the box ideas and hands on participation activities to re-energize your ministries!!!
Joining Gary and Ann this year is their daughter Jodi, a Creative Arts Specialist, and Kids Pastor from Kentucky!! Be ready to learn and participate in a special black light number!!! (Bring dark jeans and long dark sleeve shirt)


12:00-1:00      Lunch at Church $6 – Pay at the Cafeteria

4:00-7:00        Tator Town Vendors Open Dinner on Your Own

7:00-9:00        Music: David Sneed & Open Mic: Perform Your Favorite Gospel Skit  

9:00-10:00     JAM for face painting & balloons at hotel (bring a snack to share) Remington Room

8:00 AM         Registration Opens

7:30-8:30       Breakfast

8:15-8:45       Morning Devotions with Gary Gramlich & David Sneed

9:00-6:00       Tator Town Vendors Open

9:00-4:00       Friday Intensives: Additional Fee

 Track #1. Puppet building and performance with Gary Gramlich

Learn how to make both sacred and secular puppet presentations delightfully “edutaining”. Morning session will focus on puppetry skills and weaving together a fun performance to be presented Friday evening. Afternoon session will be a creative adventure in puppet and prop building – lots of different kits to choose from.


 Track #2. Hospital & Nursing Home Clowning with Field Trip  

Brenda Marshall

From how to enter a room to how to leave, as well as many things to do in between, this workshop will help you look at taking your clown into the hospital, children’s hospital and/or nursing home.  The day will conclude with an opportunity to put into practice what we learn in the classroom with an actual visit to a local nursing home.  Be sure to come prepared to get into clown and share the joy!


Track #3.  Balloon Décor with Kornpop CBA, Vivian McArthur CBA and Samuel Bearden   Students will experience the talents of 3 working professionals in the balloon décor field. The instructors will teach obtaining, planning, and building a corporate or church decor job. Students will learn the various inflation techniques and construction styles while creating the décor for the convention. Our theme is Vision!


12:00-1:00     Lunch at the Church $6 – Pay at the Cafeteria

4:30-5:00       Show Me Clowns Convention Seminars Begin

Music: David Sneed & Announcements

5:00-6:30       Dinner on Your Own with a New Friend

7:00               Black Light Performance with Gary & Ann Gramlich & Class

9:00-10:00     JAM for face painting & balloons at hotel (bring a snack to share) Remington Room                          

8:00 AM Registration Opens in the Convention Center

7:30-8:30       Breakfast

8:15-8:45       Morning Devotions with Jim Austin & David Sneed

9:00-5:30       Tator Town Vendors Open & Jr. Joeys Meet in the

9:00-10:15     Seminars (See Jr. Joey Schedule).

  1. From the Garbage Can to the Gospel Clown with Len Fort
  2. Make up Clinic for Beginners with Colleen & Hope: please bring makeup/mirror
  3. Clowning Everywhere! with Kornpop

10:30-12:00 Seminars

  1. Clown Ministry: Balloons to Songs Brenda
  2. Makeup/Costume Clinic (Intermediate) with Colleen & Hope: please bring makeup/mirror/your costume
  3. Puppet Making 101 with Gramlich’s ($10 materials at class)


12:00-1:00    Lunch on at Church $6 – Pay at the Cafeteria

1:15-1:30       Group Photo (You do not have to be in costume)

1:30-2:30      Seminars

  1. Clown Ministry: Storytelling & Magic with Brenda Marshall
  2. Business – from Contracts to Customer Service with Hope      
  3. 10 Basic Performance Tools with David Sneed


2:45-3:45      Seminars

  1. Creative BDP’s with Repeat Business with Kornpop CBA
  2. “Be Interested, Not Interesting” acting class with DJ & Hope
  3.  Gospel Magic Lab with Brenda Marshall           


4:00-5:30      Seminars

  1. Creating Skits & Props from Everyday Objects with Gramlich’s
  2.  Big Balloon Masks with Vivian McArthur CBA
  3. Dowel Rod Performing with Colleen Fouts


5:30-6:00     Last Chance to Shop!


6:00-9:00      Music: David Sneed

Banquet/Performance with the Jr. Joeys.
Starring Brenda Marshall & Kornpop with MC Hope Holmes & Dowel Rod

Class Performance with Thursday Track #3 class too!

9:30-10:30    JAM at hotel (bring a snack to share) & Last Chance to Shop

Lodge of the Ozarks Crystal Hall Meeting Room

9:00-9:45     Class TBA

10:00-11:00    Worship, Commissioning and Show Me Band Closing

11:30     Show Me Clown Guild Planning Meeting